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Smexy-Nation's Profile Picture
Artist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Hello! Glad to know you've stumbled across my devianART page. To cut a long bio short, I'm a 3D animator and create kinky 3D art with female video game characters through Source Filmmaker.

Please look around and don't be shy to leave a comment, favourite, share or commission a render/animation you'd like to see come to life through my artistic approach, this all really does go a long way. If you like my work then feel free to watch me to keep up to date with my latest fetish work.

Whether it's feet, vore, bondage, female domination or intimate couple shipping you're find such gifs and renders on my gallery.

If you wish to see longer animations with sound then feel free to check out the official SmexyNation Youtube channel, although be warned uploads aren't frequent.

How long have you been creating work in Source Filmmaker?
Since December 2015 but I started making digital fetish in 2016.

What fetishes are you into?
My main fetish fixes are feet, crush and vore.

Where do you get most your models from?
SFM Lab, Xnalara and The Models Resource.

'Commissions open' free icon by hase-illustration Requests - I Don't Do Them by DemonGemini6 I support fetish art by WhyAreIHere DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics


Mature Content

Caught by Rosalina
There's no escaping a giant space princess, as the tinies tightly squeezed in the palms of her hands soon realise. Shrunken down to size by Rosalina's wand, her tinies escape only to be re-captured by the tall and powerful giantess who is in no mood for chasing after little bitty bugs. Wendy O. Koopa and Toadette are the blonde's latest victims to be shrunk and held bondage by the celestial goddess and they won't be her last.

Stuck in Rosalina's tight and painful grip, the tinies can only wiggle and squirm for their dear lives, but to avail. The cruel princess has been shrinking toads, goombas, koopas and other anthro prey throughout the Mushroom Kingdom for her sheer amusement. Bored of Bowser's minions, Rosalina turns her attention to less generic characters, unfortunately for the female koopaling and pink toad.

What happens to Rosalina's captured insects? Well a number of things depends on Rosetta's mood. Transporting her new slaves back to Comet Observatory, the princess victim's are never safe. When the princess is hungry she vores down plentiful tinies to satisfy her growling stomach. Though when angry, Rosalina wounds up crushing and squashing countless tinies beneath her feet, barefoot. When not in harm's way her victims are kept in little damp, smelly cages and fed crumbs to sustain their strength. 

SMG Rosalina 1   Rosalina comes across as gentle and sweet but little does Peach, Mario and Luigi know their friend's true nature.
Juri's toes
Chun Li, Cammy, Laura and Karin are forced to worship Juri's sweaty toes after being shrunk to micro size. The shrunken fighters must comply with Juri Han's orders or else she'll crush them between her stinky toes. No more bigger than Juri's big toe, each slave does their best to please the giantess by licking, humping and kissing Juri's sweaty feet, much to the pleasure of the sadistic giant mistress whose sex drive is peaking from the little women worshipping her filthy feet. Unfortunately for the tinies, once she grows bored of their foot worship she'll squish them flat, squashing them beneath her smelly feet until they're flattened and squished to a bloody pulp. 

Juri SFV 'Well Then' - Emote 6 Vengeful, selfish and ruthless!
Young Zelda Relaxing
Princess Zelda removes her boots and relaxes in Hyrule castle courtyard, putting her feet up so she can rest for a brief moment. Impatiently waiting on Talon's Lon Lon Ranch delivery, the young girl can't stand on her foot much longer and decides to give her toes some air, going barefoot. Zelda can't wait for Talon to deliver her Lon Lon milk so she can slurp down the delicious milky goodness. In the meantime Zelda sits barefeet in the courtyard under the watchful eyes of her loyal protector Impa.

Triforce Full Credit to Lopieloo for the custom Hyrule Warriors mod.
Sombra's foot licked
Sombra makes use of a new slave by forcing Symmetra to lick her dirty feet clean. Satya must comply with Sombra's orders unless she wants to be tied up, gagged and beaten with an inch of her life. Sticking a wet tongue out, the Architech cleans Sombra's stinky foot in bondage, soothingly wagging her moist tongue along the side of Sombra's filthy and unclean barefoot.

If Symmetra dares stop she'll be punished and caged like a wild beast. All this foreplay is making Sombra extremely horny, especially watching the captive pet worship and caress her smelly foot. If Sombra becomes anymore aroused, Symmetra will be licking the hacker's sweaty butt hole until she quivers and squirts.

Beneath Iris
Iris loves to feel powerful as her bossy attitude should suggest, which is unfortunate for the squashed tinies beneath her sweaty soles. Drayden's apprentice has a practical belief that anything small sized is just a bug for her amusement and Iris favorite thing to do with bugs is squish them, especially under barefeet. Iris loves the crunch of a tiny human under her feet and even more to watch the juice ooze out.

Someone's entire life under her massive foot makes Iris feel like a goddess. She has almost always taken her time crushing tinies, just to hear their bones crackle underneath those smelly feet of hers. As Iris presses her feet down she feels delight in hearing the tinies ribs cracking, along with faint squealing. Shrunken trainers Skyla, Elesa and Hilda are the next victims to fall prey to Giantess Iris and they won't be her last.

Cute Iris Pest control!
There's an abundance of models on the steam workshop, Sfm Lab and Deviantart, although I feel several models are missing and would LOVE to get my hands on them. I know i could create some magic with these models if given the opportunity.

In no order, here's a list of 3d video game models I really want to see ripped for use in Source Filmmaker, Xnalara, etc. Model rippers and modellers I'm looking at you. To everyone else if there's any models you'd like to see then let it be known. Over time if said model is released I'll be ticking it off the list. tick 
Included are also PS4 models, although I'm aware there isn't a chance in Hades is ticked off of seeing them for several years. Have I thought about ripping these models myself? Of course but I haven't the time nor skill and quite frankly I've rather leave it to the professionals who are already doing a tremendous job. 

This list will be expanded on with release of new games, or with any characters I've forgotten. (Rigged models are a necessity. :wink )

Female models

Nadine Ross
(Uncharted 4)

Master Raven (Tekken 7)

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

(The Last of Us)

Captain Syrup (Wario Land) 

(The Last of Us) 

(Final Fantasy XV)

(Final Fantasy XV)

Crying wolf 
(Metal Gear Solid 4)

Luna (Final Fantasy XV) New 

(Metal Gear Solid 2)

Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest Heroes) New 

(Pokemon Black and White)

(King of Fighters XIV)

Plastic (Mirror's Edge Catalyst) 

(Mafia 3)

Aika (Skies of Arcadia)  

Nabooru (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) New 

(The Legend of Zelda) New 

Clementine (The Walking Dead: A new Frontier) tick aceppt 

Riju (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild)

Michonne (The Walking Dead: Michonne) 

Tawna Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot remastered)

Karui (Naruto)

Kate Allen (F-Zero)

Shiva (Final Fantasy X) tick aceppt 

Nix (Infamous 2) New 

Tikal the Echidna (Sonic Adventure) New 

Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic Series) New 

Chōchō Akimichi


Male Models

Henry and Sam (The Last of Us) 

Yamcha (Dragonball Z) New 

Barret Wallace (FF7 Remake)

Kaname Tousen (Bleach) New 

(FFXV) New 

Marshal (Pokemon Black and White)

Eddy Gordo (Tekken)

Yangus (Dragon Quest Heroes) New 

South American Team, Nelson and Bandeiras (KOFXIV)

Darui and Omoi

Pete (The Walking Dead: Michonne)

Mighty and Ray (Sonic series)

(Assassin's Creed)

Android 15
(DBZ) New 


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