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Smexy-Nation's Profile Picture
Artist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Hello! Glad to know you've stumbled across my devianART page. To cut a long bio short, I'm a 3D animator and create kinky 3D art with female video game characters through Source Filmmaker.

Please look around and don't be shy to leave a comment, favourite, share or commission a render/animation you'd like to see come to life through my artistic approach, this all really does go a long way. If you like my work then feel free to watch me to keep up to date with my latest fetish work.

Whether it's feet, vore, bondage, female domination or intimate couple shipping you're find such gifs and renders on my gallery.

If you wish to see longer animations with sound then feel free to check out the official SmexyNation Youtube channel, although be warned uploads aren't frequent.

How long have you been creating work in Source Filmmaker?
Since December 2015 but I started making digital fetish in 2016.

What fetishes are you into?
My main fetish fixes are feet, crush and vore.

Where do you get most your models from?
SFM Lab, Xnalara and The Models Resource.

'Commissions open' free icon by hase-illustration Requests - I Don't Do Them by DemonGemini6 I support fetish art by WhyAreIHere DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics


Shrinking Christie
Christie is unawarely shrunken to micro size by a new rival after her search for Eddy Gordo leads the Capoeira dancer into a deadly trap. Deceived by Lisa's friendly nature, Christie is tricked into drinking a weird tasting cup of tea as they discuss the whereabouts of her missing bestie. Unaware to Monteiro the brew has a secret ingredient which shrinks victims to macro proportions. Christie only learns of this trickery after completely consuming Lisa's warm soul warming beverage.

Now the size of a tiny bug, Christie is in serious trouble and no matter how loud she screams no one will ever hear her cries. Lisa was hired by CEO Kayuza Mishima and
 G Corporation to eliminate the Capoeira student under any circumstance and decides to shrink her victim. The giantess has a number of ways of handling a small insect such as Christie, most which include stomping and squishing the tiny woman to goo underneath her high heel sandals.

What happens to Christie is a mystery but it's clear as crystal that she won't be making it out of that apartment alive. Lisa will most likely dispose of Christie by crushing the diva beneath her hard soles until every last bone is broken and her prey is nothing more than a smeared blood stain, or alternately she may squish and squash Christie into fine paste. No matter Lisa's method, Christie's body will soon be flattened to a bloody pulp and
 La Mariposa's mission will be completed.

As a former scientist for DOATEC Lisa is highly intelligent, so creating a shrinking serum wasn't an issue. In fact this isn't the first time Lisa has tricked someone into sipping her sadistic soothing potion, a number of people have fallen prey to the witch's charm and all of them have been brutally squashed beneath Lisa's barefoot. Only this time it's nothing personal and strictly business. 

Lisa Hamilton 
"You really want to die this badly...?"

Olivia Butt Smother
Trial guide gets a face full of Olivia as her head is smothered by the Kahuna's soft yet firm booty. The fortunate pokemon trainer gladly sticks her nose in between Olivia's backside, sniffing and smelling Elite Four Olivia's sweaty ass to her heart's content. As Olivia grinds and rubs her bottom in trial guide's face she can't help but feel aroused and excited from this rough and submissive foreplay. The thrill of someone catching them in act only further excites these kinky trainers.

Trail guide could bury her head in Olivia's stinky romp forever, even if it means suffocating and passing out from the smell and lack of oxygen. Olivia's new slave is obedient and willing to lose unconscious just so she can please her dominant mistress. Olivia's pet doesn't dare struggle even though her lunges are about to explode, instead she continues to relish the funky and musty odor emitting from Olivia's perspiring buttocks.

Olivia Stink face!
Sheva Facesitting
Sheva facesits the drugged victim, crushing Joslin's head with her enormous sweaty butt. Alomar's overpowering bottom cuts off Joslin from the rest of the world as her nose is squashed between Sheva's musty buttocks. After being forced to overdose on vial, the side effects take full effect. Joslin is drowsy, weak and light headed from the effects of her forced drug overdose. Taking full advantage of the situation, a cruel and sadistic Sheva smothers Joslin's face with nothing but ass. 

It's no telling when Sheva will get up but she certainly won't be satisfied until Joslin passes out completely from lack of oxygen. Sheva loves the fact that Joslin's sore nose is pressing hard into her backside, she enjoys suffocating and torturing pets, it's one of Sheva's biggest turn-ons. The slave beneath her feels like sobbing but is unable to, knowing that Sheva isn't going to budge for ages. Joslin is just a toy to be sat on and smothered and there isn't a thing in the world she can do to stop it.
Ice Queen Shiva
The powerful and fiery djinn meets his peril at the hands of Shiva, who shrinks him down to micro size after extinguishing the aeon's flame in battle. Yuna's summon casts a mini spell to shrink Ifrit until he's tiny and puny enough to crush. Spira's empress of ice loves the power she has over shrunken Ifrit, who can only struggle aimlessly as he impaled by Shiva's long and sharp fingernail. Now a slave to Shiva, the teeny beast looks delicious and small enough to eat for Shiva who hasn't consumed anything since morning. 

This giant blue skinned woman doesn't shy away from devouring and swallowing weakened creatures whole to consume their souls and Ifrit isn't exempt from the giantess' sadistic nature, especially now he's petite enough to swallow alive. Held captive by Shiva's mere finger, the cruel goddess of ice can already smell fear emitting from Ifrit who knows his death is inevitable. The demonic creature's grave shall be in Shiva's belly and this goes for any other victim who opposes her will.

Shiva Goddess of ice!
Iris Foot Trample
Skyla's face is trampled by an irate Iris who stands on top of the scared pilot's head with firm balance. Removing her smelly shoes, Iris brutally crushes Skyla's skull barefeet, breaking the gym leader's nose with all her foot weight. Iris feet are extremely sweaty and Skyla has no choice but to take a whiff of the Dragon type trainer's cheesy toes while her nose bridge snaps in half. 

Tied up and bound to the ankles with exceedingly tight rope, Skyla isn't going anywhere fast and the Opelucid gym leader's cruel torture has only just begun. Skyla has been reported missing for weeks but no knows that the pilot is being held captive in Iris bedroom. Team Plasma is under investigation but none are wise to the fact that Iris is keeping Skyla in bondage as her new slave. Skyla's new duties include worshipping and cleaning the violet haired girl's stinky soles until she gags.

If Skyla doesn't comply with Iris orders she is punished in numerous ways. This includes being starved, kicked in the face and humiliated. It's no secret that Iris gets a kick out of bossing people around and Skyla is Iris' latest victim. 

Cute Iris Dominant Iris! 
There's an abundance of models on the steam workshop, Sfm Lab and Deviantart, although I feel several models are missing and would LOVE to get my hands on them. I know i could create some magic with these models if given the opportunity.

In no order, here's a list of 3d video game models I really want to see ripped for use in Source Filmmaker, Xnalara, etc. Model rippers and modellers I'm looking at you. To everyone else if there's any models you'd like to see then let it be known. Over time if said model is released I'll be ticking it off the list. tick  

Included are also PS4 models, although I'm aware there isn't a chance in Hades is ticked off of seeing them for several years. Have I thought about ripping these models myself? Of course but I haven't the time nor skill and quite frankly I've rather leave it to the professionals who are already doing a tremendous job. 

This list will be expanded on with release of new games, or with any characters I've forgotten. (Rigged models are a necessity. :wink )

Update: It appears someone has found a way to rip PlayStation 4 models, a method the person has chosen to share with a select few. JAMMER LAMMMMY! 

Female models

Nadine Ross
(Uncharted 4)

Master Raven (Tekken 7)

Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

(The Last of Us)

Moana (Disney)

Captain Syrup (Wario Land) 

Shantae half Genie New 

(The Last of Us) 

(Final Fantasy XV)

(Final Fantasy XV)

Crying wolf 
(Metal Gear Solid 4)

Luna (Final Fantasy XV) New 

(Metal Gear Solid 2)

Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest Heroes) New 

(Pokemon Black and White)

(King of Fighters XIV)  tick aceppt 

Plastic (Mirror's Edge Catalyst) 

(Mafia 3)

Aika (Skies of Arcadia)  

Nabooru (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) New 

(The Legend of Zelda) New 

Clementine (The Walking Dead: A new Frontier) tick aceppt 

Riju (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild)

Urbosa (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild) New 

Michonne (The Walking Dead: Michonne) tick aceppt 

Tawna Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot remastered)

Karui (Naruto) 

Kate Allen (F-Zero)  

Shiva (Final Fantasy X) tick aceppt 

Nix (Infamous 2) New 

Tikal the Echidna (Sonic Adventure) New 

Bunnie Rabbot (Sonic Series) New 

Chōchō Akimichi

Roxie (Mafia 3)

Ava (TWD: A New Frontier) tick aceppt 

Risky Boots (Shantae) New 

Rottytop (Shantae) New 

Laylee (Yooka-Layee)

Dr Puzz (Yooka-Laylee)

Schell (Yooka-Laylee) 

Helles / Jerez (Dragon Ball Super) New 

Fortune (Metal Gear Solid 2)

Vixen (DC)

Tiny Kong (Donkey Kong)

Twintelle (Arms) New 

Christie Monteiro (Tekken) New



Male Models

Henry and Sam (The Last of Us) 

Yamcha (Dragonball Z) New 

Barret Wallace (FF7 Remake)

Kaname Tousen (Bleach) New 

(FFXV) New 

Marshal (Pokemon Black and White) 

Eddy Gordo (Tekken 7)

Yangus (Dragon Quest Heroes) New 

South American Team, Nelson and Bandeiras (KOFXIV)

Darui and Omoi

Pete (The Walking Dead: Michonne) tick aceppt 

Mighty and Ray  (Sonic series)

Yooka (Yooka-Laylee)

(Assassin's Creed)

Android 15
(DBZ) New 


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proffesor5528 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
You really need to do more Oliva. Your art of her is on point! Also id recommend the Pokemon Sun & Moon Bikini girl (the yellow bikini) too. Shes hawt.
Smexy-Nation Featured By Owner 18 hours ago   Filmographer
Of course, there'll be more of Olivia soon.
Twintelles Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Can you pleeease Fetishtize Twintelle.
Smexy-Nation Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Filmographer
I really want to, but unfortunately no has extracted Nintendo switch models yet. She's at the top of my list though.
Twintelles Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
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Thanks for faving Mrs K! More cute feets to come, stay tuned!
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Top of my head..

Roberta Tubbs
GameBitvixen Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Cool, besides Lammy anymore Anthros?
Smexy-Nation Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago   Filmographer
Tawna, Sally, Tiny Kong and Peg Pete>>
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